8 Video Game Villains Who Got Off Easy

8) Roy Earle


Cole’s slimy Vice partner in L.A. Noire may have provided some funny moments with his snark while on the case, but from the moment he’s introduced slapping women around backstage at his favorite club, it’s made pretty clear that he doesn’t have the most inviting personality to go along with his wit.

Roy shows his true colors later in the game, judging by his quick decision to sully Cole’s reputation, take the focus off police corruption, and gain himself a brown-nosing spot with the higher-ups by exposing a secret affair, cementing his antagonistic status.

Roy’s reputation with gamers also isn’t helped by the game’s final scene (which you can view below), where he delivers a eulogy at Cole’s funeral talking about how buddy-buddy they supposedly were. But hey, you’ve got to keep up a nice image for the media, right?

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