Apex Legends Could Be Adding A Popular Titanfall Feature For Halloween 2020

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is all set to get more Titanfall-themed goodies in the near future, it seems.

As is usually the case whenever Respawn adds new content to the battle royale, data miners have gone digging in the game’s files following the arrival of Aftermarket Collection earlier this week and have made some exciting discoveries in the process. Similarly to last year, it’s all but confirmed that the developer will once again be celebrating Halloween in-game later this month, not only with a wealth of new suitably-themed spooky cosmetics, but a special limited time mode, too.

Not dissimilar to Season 3’s Shadowfall mode – which tasked players with escaping a dimly-lit version of Kings Canyon all while avoiding a horde of infected – leaker Biast12 says this year’s so-called Shadow Royale aims to replicate that experience while also adding a few new elements into the mix. One of those, as if this post’s title hadn’t already given it away, will involve giving Shadows something straight out of Apex‘s spiritual predecessor, Titanfall.

Wall-running, double jumping, infinite climbing and the ability to smash through doors are just some of the buffs supposedly being handed out to those who succumb to the shadow’s curse, all of which will assuredly make surviving long enough to reach the safety of a dropship much tougher than before. Perhaps most interestingly of all, however, is Biast’s claim that friends will have the option of queuing into Shadow Royale together rather than solo only, and will be able to help each other regardless of whether they’re a Shadow or human player.

As for when you can expect all of this to arrive in Apex Legends, fellow leaker Shrugtal believes October 22nd is the date you’ll want to make a mental note of which, if accurate, means we should be hearing something official quite soon, so stay tuned.