Apex Legends Dev Confirms Nerfs For Season 10’s Seer Are Coming

Apex Legends

In an always-online, highly competitive video game environment like Apex Legends, balance is key to nurturing the continued growth of a healthy metagame. One overturned weapon or character too many, and everything can swiftly devolve into absolute chaos.

Ensuring this never happens can be an exercise in futility at the best of times, but when a new character – boasting all sorts of unique attributes – comes waltzing in, Respawn is often faced with two options. Purposefully make the roster addition an overtly powerful pick and then adjust their effectiveness in response to fan feedback or, well, the opposite of that. Anyone who’s already gotten their feet wet in Season 10 will know, of course, that Seer falls into the former category and has been dominating World’s Edge ever since his arrival last week thanks to a suite of incredibly potent abilities.

In response to community sentiment regarding his overpowered nature in a recent Reddit AMA, software engineer Travis Nordin confirmed that the team had hoped Seer would make a splash following his debut, though also admits that it may have been a touch too overzealous.

While they stop short of providing any specifics with regard to how the Ambush Artist’s strengths will be toned down, Nordin reassures fans that whatever’s planned won’t take an age (relatively speaking) to go live. Major balance patches are usually reserved for the start or middle of each season, though in this case, the issue is seemingly urgent enough to warrant much swifter action.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted with the specifics as and when they emerge, but in the meantime, be sure to let us know what you think of Apex Legends Season 10 as a whole in the usual place below!