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Apex Legends Easter Egg Teases New Town Takeover Event

Fresh corpses of an animal that Titanfall players will be immediately familiar with have started appearing in Apex Legends, likely teasing a new event.

Apex Legends

It looks like the current lull period in Apex Legends is soon coming to an end.

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Following the conclusion of collection event System Override last month, players have been settling back into the usual routine of grinding ranked modes in hopes of achieving the highest accolade of Apex Predator. Respawn, however, no doubt keenly aware of the need to keep core gameplay feeling fresh, appears almost ready to unleash the battle royale’s next major content update.

Over on Twitter, prominent Apex data miner Shrugtal has made an interesting discovery while going about their daily in-game routine, only this time, no deep dive into the files has been necessary. In fact, all one need do is load into a match and either make the hike up Sniper Mountain or drop on its peak at the beginning of a match. Do so, and you’ll happen upon the corpse of a strange-looking animal.

Check it out for yourselves via the gallery below:

As any Titanfall fan could immediately tell you, the cadaver of this particular species belongs to that of the Prowlers – extremely aggressive predators that hunt in packs. Imagine an animal that splices together the strength of a tiger and the speed of a leopard and you’ll be on the right track. Fortunately for you, though, this particular specimen has long-since perished, but how did it die and, more importantly, what’s it doing in World’s Edge?

More likely than not, the answer lies with Bloodhound. We’ve already learned via previous leaks that the renowned game hunter is due to get his own Town Takeover event soon and what better way to tease that in-game than with an example of his work? This all remains speculation for now, of course, but Occam’s Razor, and all that. Regardless, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Respawn’s Apex Legends socials for any further developments, so stay tuned.