Apex Legends Finally Adding A Long Overdue Feature In Season 7

Apex Legends

It may be coming much later than advertised, but Apex Legends is finally getting a hugely requested feature in an upcoming patch.

For those not aware, the number of cosmetic and customization options available in the battle royale since it launched last year has ballooned to gigantic proportions, to the extent that keeping track of every unlock for every member of the roster can quickly become something of a logistical nightmare. To help keep players notified of any new additions to their collections, a small pulsating light will appear next to the respective character which the acquired skin or badge belongs to. A helpful signal, no doubt, but one that can also quickly start to grate, especially for folks with certain compulsive tendencies.

In responding to TigerTankSniper’s heavily upvoted thread over on Reddit, a member of the development team has confirmed that a Mark All As Seen button – or something similar, at least – has already been given the go-ahead for inclusion in the live build of Apex and will be arriving alongside the game’s next major patch.

Contrary to what many initially believed, this won’t be on December 1st with the return of holiday event Winter Express, but rather, sometime in January. What else this patch will contain remains to be seen, but it certainly won’t be Season 8. Up until now, each rotation has been spaced apart by a three month period, meaning the successor to Ascension isn’t scheduled to arrive until February at the earliest. Whatever the case, fans need only wait a few more weeks before the quality of life addition makes its way in-game.

As for folks who have yet to jump in and explore Apex Legends‘ new Olympus map and everything else added with Season 7, see here for an in-depth summary.