Apex Legends Is Finally Fixing One Of The Game’s Most Annoying Bugs

Apex Legends

While the majority of Apex Legends‘ ongoing issues – metagame balancing, skill-based matchmaking, monetization – largely only affect a small (relatively speaking) subset of players, there are the rare occasions where one particularly egregious bug or discovery of unintended behaviour affects the entire community at large. Such is the case for one of the battle royale’s most integral gameplay loops which, regardless of personal playstyle and character choice, is a universal problem in World’s Edge.

If you’re curious as to what we’re referring to, your best bet is to check out a clip over on Reddit showcasing the frustrations. As the footage depicts, looting supply bins littered throughout the map has become something of a major irritant for many. Ordinarily, cracking the case and swiftly picking up any necessary loot inside should take little more than a few seconds – a quick job made impossible by misplaced item cards and a disparity between player aim and environmental objects.

While the root cause isn’t clear, Apex Legends design director Jason McCord has responded to Reddit user CapnCrunch’s video evidence with the good news that a fix is on the way. No ETA is provided, of course, though with the game’s next major patch due to go live later today, there’s a good chance that the bug will be stamped out within the next several hours.

As for what we know to be included with the bumper update, new limited-time event System Override Collection is the headline attraction this time around. From March 3rd to the 17th, fans will have access to new game mode Deja Loot, which turns the usual rules upside down. Rewards include various weapon and character skins as well as a slick new Heirloom item for adrenaline junkie Octane. See here everything you need to know ahead of the event’s two-week run.