Apex Legends Leaks Tease Third-Person Mode, New Weapons And More

Apex Legends

Unlike Epic Games’ Fortnite, where the margin for error between leaks and eventual game updates is virtually nil, Apex Legends isn’t so easily deciphered.

Respawn Entertainment has stated on numerous occasions, of course (and rightly so), that fans shouldn’t believe everything they read on the internet, but one particularly prominent data miner has made a name for themselves by being one of the most reliable when it comes to showcasing upcoming content.

Thanks to their ability to directly have a nose around in the battle royale’s game files, That1MiningGuy has identified a number of features – such as solo and duo modes – prior to their being made official, so we’ve every reason to believe that they’re once again barking up the right tree with these latest reveals. Despite that, it’s worth reiterating that none of the below is even remotely confirmed, so as always, take everything you see with a big pinch of salt.

A wealth of promising additions, then, not least the potential rollout of a playable third-person option.

That1MiningGuy notes that no mention of a limited-time mode or similar is found in the game files, though a massive number of changes to the alternate perspective heavily imply that to be the case. In addition to that novelty, a number of core improvements appear to be inbound, including new weapons and attachments (one file makes specific reference to a ‘Sentinel’ sniper rifle) and a means to allow players the option of randomizing which skin their hero heads into battle with. Neat.

As for when folks can expect all of the above to arrive in-game, you’re likely in for a sizable wait. Apex Legends is currently in the thick of celebrating its first Christmas and, as these types of event usually last for several weeks, it’s likely that any future major updates will arrive in the New Year and beyond.

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