Apex Legends Players Discover Game-Breaking Replicator Bug

Apex Legends

Perhaps more than any other before it, Apex Legends Season 6 has marked the biggest shake-up in the battle royale’s sandbox since launch. While Respawn continues to plug away at the construction of a third map rumored to arrive in Season 7, the developer has, in the interim, opted to make various tweaks to existing arenas Kings Canyon and World’s Edge to keep the sandbox feeling fresh.

So far, these have come in the form of environmental changes as well so-called Town Takeovers usually themed after a specific hero and Season 6 is no different in that regard, having added a mysterious Survey Camp and various structures during the changeover. A unique addition this time around, however, is an all-new gameplay mechanic: Replicators.

Found dotted around both maps, these nifty machines can consume various materials players find on the battlefield and convert them into useful items such as ammo, consumables and even weapons themselves. Normally, the technology can prove to be pretty handy in a pinch, though Reddit user STRADD838 and no doubt many others would likely beg to differ after being affected by the particularly nasty bug depicted over here.

As you can see, instead of being allowed to close the interface and continue on their race to stay within the habitable zone limits, STRADD says the Replicator refused to let them leave, instead keeping their avatar’s eyes glued to a malfunctioning screen. Eventually, the persistent damage suffered from being on the wrong side of the zone boundary ends with a loss, robbing them of 12 [ranked] points.

It’s hardly an ideal situation, then, and until Respawn acknowledges the issue, it’s tough to say just how prevalent this particular occurrence is or, for that matter, what causes it. Our advice for those playing ranked would be to stay away from Apex Legends‘ Replicators or, at the very least, refrain from using them if you’re in immediate danger of being left outside the play zone.