Apex Legends Players Are Requesting An Ankle Biting Feature


Losing any activity of a competitive nature is never fun, not least when it comes to the cutthroat world of Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has taken several cues from its contemporaries (as well as providing a wealth of fresh ideas) in an attempt to provide a level playing field for players of its own battle royale title, but at the end of the day, someone always has to lose, don’t they? Those of us that have sunk more hours than we care to admit into the game will know all too well that defeat is sometimes inevitable, as is witnessing the various victory rituals (some more unsavoury than others) that the winning side like to perform on your downed person.

Taking a bullet to the brain is usually the ultimate outcome of being forced onto your hands and knees and besides the futile act of brandishing a shield to prolong the inevitable, there’s little else that can be done. Some fans, however, have taken ire with the feeling of uselessness that comes with a chronic lack of skill and have suggested the implementation of a new feature when in the downed state: ankle biting. No, really.

The Reddit post in question clearly takes a comedic tone, suggesting that engaging in the act should inflict a token amount of damage to opponents that get too close, but really, Respawn taking the suggestion on board would be humorous, to say the least. Being able to deter your would-be killer from close contact by threatening some superficial ankle wounds would, dare I say it, actually provide some additional level of strategy to consider.

Either way, Respawn will certainly be aware of the request. It’s keenly in-tune with Apex Legends‘ community on all fronts, not least where leaks are concerned. Just yesterday, it warned fans not to believe everything it finds on the internet, especially in regards to a certain Battle Pass.

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Source: Reddit