Apex Legends Reportedly Getting Arena Mode In Season 7

apex legends

Apex Legends could soon be receiving a brand new feature aimed at helping players get warmed up ahead of a high stakes competitive match.

Uncovered in files added alongside the battle royale’s 6.1 patch last week, prolific data miner Shrugtal reveals that code intended to support the addition of new slots to Apex‘s user interface have been introduced. One of these makes direct reference to a so-called Arena mode, heavily suggesting that Respawn Entertainment is in the process of testing a standalone mode completely separate to existing ranked and standard matchmaking options. While it’s still early days – and everything from this point forward absolutely remains speculation – Shrugtal believes the name could be referring to a small scale deathmatch-type playlist not dissimilar to standard first-person shooters.

Those well-versed in Apex‘s codebase can check out the aforementioned evidence for themselves via the gallery below:

As for whether any of the above will prove true, we’ll just have to wait and see, though it could well be the case that Respawn has already been teasing such a feature without anyone realizing. The developer has stated in the past, after all, its desire to bring back popular hot spot Skull Town after it was reclaimed by the ocean at the beginning of Season 5.

Resurrecting the location and its surrounding area as a purpose-built arena could be a fantastic means of repurposing the aptly-named bone graveyard, likely as new content for Season 7. Considering the latter is only a few weeks away, fans shouldn’t have to wait long in order to find out what’s on course to arrive on November 10th alongside the usual new playable character and refreshed battle pass. Speaking of which, we already know, thanks to previous teasers, that Horizon will be the next addition to Apex Legends‘ roster, and you can head over here to learn more about the Scot ahead of her arrival.