Apex Legends Season 10’s Seer Has The Highest Pick Rate Of Any Character

Apex Legends

In news that’ll likely come as a surprise to absolutely no one with even a few hours of Season 10 experience under their belts, Apex Legends‘ latest roster addition is currently far and away the game’s most popular pick. Seer, a recon-oriented character similar to Bloodhound, Octane and Pathfinder, has proven himself to be something of a powerhouse since debuting last week, to the extent that many fans are already calling on Respawn to tone down his strengths.

Equipped with several abilities which allow the Ambush Artist and his fellow teammates to preemptively locate and hunt down nearby opponents, the versatile toolkit has proven to be simply far too effective not to use, resulting in an instant rise to the top of tier lists. According to data provided by ApexLegendsStatus (H/T, Dexerto), a site dedicated to tracking every statistic you can think of, Seer’s pick rate is in the region of 17%

For contrast, the next-closest pick is Octane at 14% followed by the ever-popular Wraith at 10%. Considering how consistently strong the latter two have proven to be since launch, Seer trumping both so early into the season is representative of his power. For further perspective, on the other end of the scale sits Crypto, Wattson and Rampart, all of which have pick rates of less than 2%.

Not the most unbalanced meta to kick off a season in Apex Legends by any means, then, but the data clearly reflects general sentiment among the player base that Seer is far too good at his job, and Respawn agrees. The developer confirmed in a recent Reddit AMA that it plans to deploy some changes in an upcoming patch.

What exactly these will entail is anyone’s guess, but we’ll be sure to keep you informed as and when the situation changes, so stay tuned.