Apex Legends Teases The Return Of Popular Skull Town Location

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players could soon be bearing witness to the return of a location from seasons past.

Skull Town, a popular landing spot in the battle royale’s original Kings Canyon map, has long been the go-to stomping ground of choice for many veteran participants of the Apex Games. That is, of course, until Respawn decided to have a little spring-cleaning session and completely removed the settlement in a prior season as part of its ever-evolving narrative. Since then, fans have been wondering aloud if the zone is ever likely to come back, though requests for such have quietened as of late due to the introduction of the utopian Olympus arena.

As per a recent post by Respawn Entertainment over on Twitter, however, it would seem the developer is keenly aware of the desire to see Skull Town return. While the studio stops short of outright confirming that to be the case, it heavily implies that exact outcome. Check out the teaser for yourselves below.

Naturally, responses to the above have been almost universally in favor of the location’s return, though it remains to be seen, assuming the restoration project goes ahead, if the shanty will remain a prime area for mid-tier world loot. Chances are high that Respawn will want to make some changes under the hood, so to speak, in order to maintain an element of surprise, but this all remains conjecture.

If Skull Town reemerges, fans can likely expect it to do so as part of a major title update during Season 9 or later. With any luck, there’ll be some big Apex Legends announcements at EA Play next month, so stay tuned.