Respawn Announces New Voidwalker Event For Apex Legends


Ever wondered about Wraith’s mysterious past? She’s one of the more interesting characters in Apex Legends, driven half crazy by her frequent trips within the Void, witnessing alternative histories and the incessant whisperings that follow her everywhere. Now, just after the Iron Crown Collection event ends, Respawn are serving up a full-on Voidwalker event within the game.

One of the most notable aspects of this will be the limited-time mode Armed and Dangerous. This is intended to be “in the same spirit of Wraith’s escape” and will limit the available weapons to sniper rifles and shotguns, with a sense of desperation caused by there being limited loot in general. These limited-time modes are a method of allowing Respawn to test new ways of playing the game, so who knows, if Armed and Dangerous proves popular, it may stick around for good?

The other notable inclusion is the addition of a “decayed Project: Wraith facility” located in Kings Canyon. This should provide decent insight into the lore behind Wraith, as well as the wider world of Apex Legends. The facility will include a functional prototype two-way portal. Using this, you can bust into the base quickly from outside, or beat a hasty escape from within. Respawn are nudging players towards keeping a close eye out in this place as well, which might be an indication that they’ll tease upcoming content within the new area.

On top of that, we’ll also see the usual variety of new challenges (see the gallery above for full details) that’ll provide exclusive skins and cosmetics themed around Project: Wraith and the character herself. You’ll also be able to purchase a Voidwalker Wraith Legendary skin (with custom character select animation), and they’ll be available at the relatively reasonable price of $5.

The Voidwalker event will launch in Apex Legends on September 3rd and conclude on the 17th. Will you be participating? Let us know by dropping a comment below.