Arkham Origins Dev Teases New Batman Game Once Again


Though it’s become obvious that while Rocksteady are likely working on a new game tied to DC Comics lore, they’ve moved past the Arkham series they initiated a decade ago. But when it comes to Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal, it appears as though the same thing may not be said for them.

As you may have read, the studio exuberantly sharing in this past weekend’s Batman Day festivities turned more than a few heads. And what added fuel to the fire was comic book writer Scott Snyder hash-tagging a now deleted Tweet with “Beware the Court of Owls,” referencing a popular villainous cabal he co-created along with artist Greg Capullo.

If all that got you excited – and it should – then we’ll present to you this latest exhibit, that being a cryptic video shared to WB Games Montreal’s Twitter account:

Batman: Arkham Origins

I think the “Capture the Knight” caption all but confirms they’re readying a new Batman game, but speculation continues to mount regarding the plot. The logos shown hint at something pseudo-demonic, so we can’t rule out the League of Assassins having some involvement as well. Then again, Ra’s al Ghul was the head of the Court of Owls on Fox’s Gotham TV series, so some inspiration could’ve been taken from that.

No matter what, it appears as though some sort of official announcement is imminent, so it’s highly advised that you keep watching this space. It still baffles me as to why Batman: Arkham Origins was divisive among gamers upon its release, as it remains one of my favorite games to ever feature the Dark Knight. That said, I’ll welcome another installment by way of the same dev team with open arms.