Artist Recreates Resident Evil’s Iconic Spencer Mansion In Unreal Engine


Resident Evil fans recently received tantalizing confirmation of a long-awaited remake. The series’ third entry, which follows former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine in her quest to escape from Raccoon City and Umbrella’s grotesque Nemesis bioweapon, is being given the facelift it so richly deserves by Capcom, with a release date and official reveal due imminently.

While we await further details on that front, however, one talented individual has decided to share their love of the survival horror franchise by recreating an iconic location from the original game. Spencer Mansion, the grim, Gothic and outright gruesome residence of Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer, might not be on Capcom’s to-do list of remakes for the foreseeable future, but artist Brent Little has had other ideas.

In revealing their progress in a recently published update on YouTube, Little’s video takes viewers on a visual tour of Spencer’s abode and oh boy, does it look jaw-droppingly gorgeous. You can see for yourself up above.

In the walkthrough’s description, Little describes how the 3D recreation was created in the Unreal Engine and that the entire thing took a whopping 11 months to complete. Do note, too, that the production time appears to only take into account the mansion’s Main Hall, though considering the visual fidelity and attention to detail on display, that one person pulled off such a feat in a relatively short time span is remarkable in itself.

Sadly, Little doesn’t specify if he intends to expand the project to encompass the entirety of Spencer’s labyrinthine home though we imagine it unlikely, considering how much time they’ve already dedicated to the digital architectural achievement.

Either way, the demo serves as a fantastic proof of concept for what a remake of the original Resident Evil could look like and one can only hope Capcom is made aware of Little’s work. Awesome stuff.