‘Attack on Titan’ fans trolling Activision over this dreadful ‘Call of Duty’ crossover

Activision has officially announced that Call of Duty: Vanguard will get a new DLC on January 20th, bringing Levi Ackerman of the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan to the battlefields of World War II. Oh, Captain Levi, what have they done to you?

As arguably the most popular Attack on Titan character, one who has gone on to develop a legendary reputation among online fandoms over the past ten years, Levi is sure to elicit a lot of gatekeeping wherever his name is involved.

This new skin, which is supposed to imitate the legendary character’s physical appearance, does anything but, and a lot of fans are lambasting the game developer on social media. Reactions are ranging from ranting with hot rage to hilariously trolling the attempt and anything in between, so join us as we review some of them below.

A lot of users are simply echoing what we’re all thinking right now with their messages:

Others, meanwhile, are having a lot of fun with this announcement, which, all things considered, is probably the healthiest reaction to this travesty.

Some fans are also curious to know why Levi is in something like Call of Duty: Vanguard in the first place, though in an age where almost every prominent pop culture icon eventually finds a home on Fortnite, is it such a stretch for companies like Activision to do the same?

Of course, not every reaction has been negative. A few people are actually considering buying Vanguard because of their love for Levi, which produces the desired effect for the game distributor.

It’s safe to say that most Attack on Titan fans are going to pass on this purchase, though if you’re in the minority who are actually stoked about this, then, by all means, shinzou wo sasageyo!