7 Ways That Square Enix’s The Avengers Project Can Live Up To Expectations


Although the competition between Marvel and DC is constantly back-and-forth across most mediums, the latter continues to reign supreme in the video game department. With a great selection of titles like those from the Arkham series, Injustice series, and the recent Telltale Batman series, DC has maintained a strong presence in the industry throughout recent years. Marvel has undoubtedly noticed this though and looks to turn things around now, as they’ve announced a partnership for multiple games with Square Enix.

While the parties involved (Crystal Dynamics and Eidos are on boar to develop) make this partnership – which kicks off with The Avengers Project – immensely intriguing, the first trailer gave us very little information about the game itself. The fact that there won’t be any new details until 2018 is particularly frustrating and it feels like the teaser was released far too early in development (similar to Square Enix’s initial Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement).

Nevertheless, since there’s so much time between now and 2018, let’s offer up some potential ideas for Marvel and Square to keep in mind as they develop what will hopefully be the game of our dreams. If The Avengers Project is going to live up to expectations, it’d best take these things into consideration.