New Batman Game Reveal Reportedly Coming Very Soon

batman arkham knight

Say what you will about the questionable, often frustrating teaser campaign for Warner Bros. Montreal’s upcoming Batman game – it certainly knows how to keep a secret.

While publishers like Capcom and Activision struggle to keep their next big projects under wraps ahead of the traditional (it’ll be unfolding a little differently this year, for obvious reasons) summer reveal season, WB Games has remained an impenetrable fortress. Not even the slightest hint of what the Caped Crusader’s next video game adventure will entail has slipped through the cracks, with the only unofficial morsel of information coming in the form of a photo purported to show the mystery title’s logo.

Noncommittal social media posts and cryptic ARG puzzles aside, then, when exactly can fans of the Dark Knight expect to learn more of what’s in store? Were it not for a certain pandemic, the staging ground for Batman‘s long-awaited return will undoubtedly have been E3. Warner Bros. confirmed previously that it planned to host its first-ever conference at the expo this year that would have been packed with surprise reveals and announcements, the main attraction of which would assuredly have been Bruce Wayne himself.

E3’s cancellation has, therefore, left the company without a dedicated venue to deliver on the hype, with an alternative, if any, still yet to be confirmed. According to Game Reactor, however, not only are plans already in motion to provide a first-look at Montreal’s latest creation sometime during the summer, but a release date is supposedly nearer than the current radio silence would have many believe.

No specific release window is provided, of course, though should the above be true, there’s a chance, albeit slim, that the iconic Cape and Cowl could make an appearance at Sony’s PS5 event tomorrow, June 11th. Fingers crossed!