The Best Games Of E3 2013


E3 2013 has come and gone. We’ve already picked our winners for which company had the most impressive showing, and now that we’ve had time to fully digest everything, we’re going to tell you which individual games impressed us most.

There were a lot of really, really great titles shown this year at E3 and I think it’s safe to say that it’s a fantastic time to be a gamer. Though we could go on and on about all the exciting games that were shown, several of the staff here at We Got This Covered sat down over the weekend and chose 2 or 3 of their favorites.

Keep in mind, this article features choices from each individual author, so there is some overlap. Also remember that while only a handful of games are mentioned here, there are still countless others that we are very excited about and cannot wait to play.

Enough rambling though. Without further ado I present to you our favorite games from E3 2013.

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