5 PlayStation Exclusives That We’ll Always Cherish


Uncharted 4’s release to critical acclaim this month has finally kicked started this generation’s essential collection of exclusive games. Finally, a distinctly PlayStation character has made their 8th generation console debut and the PS4 feels as though it suddenly has a personality when before it merely existed as a device for multi-platform games. The good news is that Uncharted 4 marks the beginning of a succession of up and coming exclusives for PS4 and Sony’s first party studios are finally beginning to bolster the console’s library.

Say what you want about the importance of exclusive content, but the competition to produce cutting edge games is what has always defined console gaming, keeping it at the forefront of the industry. Sony owned IPs carry the weight of expectation in regards to quality; these are the titles that push the boundaries of what their console is capable of, and the prospect of more content of that nature should have every PlayStation owner excited.


When you consider previous versions of the PlayStation, there are certain games that garnered immense popularity, and their success went on to become synonymous with that particular console. These are the PlayStation games that we day dreamt about as children, awaited longingly for on Christmas Eve, and fill us with sweet nostalgia when we relive the experience in our memory today.

The shared fun with friends, the moving soundtracks and unforgettable boss battles; they’re certain titles that won our adoration and defined the consoles they were built for. And so, in celebration of PS4’s exclusive games finally coming to fruition, we’ve compiled a list of the most iconic PlayStation exclusives of all-time.