Bizarre Apex Legends Bug Makes Reviving Teammates Impossible

Apex Legends Wattson

Bugs are an unwelcome irritant at the best of times in Apex Legends but when one potentially game-breaking issue rears its ugly head prior to the beginning of a new season, that’s not good. Not good at all.

Respawn’s popular battle royale is far from the only live service to struggle with issues such as these, of course, and, generally speaking, the developer does an admirable job of keeping the playing field clean of such egregious errors. Now and again, however, some particularly nasty infections arise which, while often initially humorous, devolve into a nightmare for players when cheaters inevitably abuse them. Thankfully, this latest discovery has little room to be misused in that regard, but it’s a problem you, and certainly Respawn, will want to be aware of.

As discovered earlier today by one Reddit user, a strange bug preventing them from being revived from a downed state has infiltrated Kings Canyon.

As shown in the video via the link below, Tracking_down is downed while attempting to revive one of their teammates, though instead of being able to crawl around the floor and use a last-ditch Knockback Shield, they immediately return to their feet and begin walking around as if nothing happened. Sounds like a terrific way to cheat death, right? It would be, were it not for the fact that the Wraith player was unable to brandish their gun or interact with the game world in any way.

As the trio’s final teammate succumbs to a hail of fire from opponents, Tracking_down simply falls to the ground and receives the ‘Squad Eliminated’ message, confirming they were in the downed state all along. What caused the erroneous event to occur? It’s not immediately clear, though fans reporting similar occurrences make it clear that it’s not an isolated incident and that, while in the unintended state, revival is impossible.

One can only hope that Respawn is aware of, and has a plan to fix the fault, or else Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown could be a bittersweet affair when it launches tomorrow. Fingers crossed.