Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

If there’s one thing videogames have taught us lately, it’s that zombies are essential for success, and Call of Duty: Black Ops is proof of that. After creating a sleeper hit with an afterthought zombie onslaught mode in World at War, Treyarch focused on upping the ante with new downloadable content up until the release of what is now the largest selling game of all time. Millions of gamers are addicted to fighting off the hungry waves of the dead, and with new perks, weapons, enemies and maps available, one play through a night is not enough to satisfy the urge of reaching the next round.

By now, most players know the layout of each level, where the weapons are and especially, where the pack-a-punch machine is. But what exactly are the best firepower to spend your hard earned points on and when are they useful? Below is a detailed guide to uncovering the the secrets and strategies behind the weaponry of Black Ops’ zombie mode, hopefully helping you to reach the top of the coveted leaderboards.

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