Black Widow Looks Incredible In New Marvel’s Avengers Trailer

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers might still be a ways off, but Crystal Dynamics has plenty to talk about between now and launch day. After all, with characters as famous as the Avengers themselves at the helm of its most ambitious game yet, comic book lovers and moviegoers alike are eager to learn all there is to know about this particular all-star cast. Thankfully, the developer has been all too happy to oblige those requests with a new spotlight series that explores the design process behind each of Earth’s mightiest warriors.

Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man have already been had their time to shine in previous showcases and today’s follow-up is all about Black Widow. Check out the clip below, which highlights Ms. Romanoff’s suit and some of the various gadgets she’ll have access to during gameplay.

Accompanying the above, Marvel’s Avengers director Tore Blystad explains how, as a super-spy, Black Widow’s outfit is “designed around her gadgets and her strong need for agility.” Furthermore, Blystad reveals that the character boasts the largest number of gadgets (yes, even more than Iron Man, apparently) of any playable hero in the game, all of which need to be “properly incorporated into her suit.”

Of the myriad tools Black Widow will utilize to dispatch her foes, only a handful have been revealed. Gameplay trailers have so far majorly focused on the character’s twin pistols, but when not engaged in long-ranged combat, she’ll rely on the use of Widow’s Bite – a pair of weaponized gauntlets that have no doubt been responsible for many a cracked jaw. Weapons aside, Crystal wraps up its latest showcase by detailing how it decided to go with a two-piece suit for Natasha’s latest incarnation, rather than the classic catsuit, though doesn’t disclose why.

Regardless, Black Widow, like the rest of her comrades, look absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to get stuck in when Marvel’s Avengers releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Google Stadia next year, May 15th.