Bossa Studios’ I Am Bread Available Now On Xbox One


Surreal platformer I Am Bread is now available to download on Xbox One, developer Bossa Studios has confirmed. Previously exclusive to consoles by way of the PlayStation 4, I Am Bread started life as an experimental project during a ‘game jam,’ where its creators had just two days to put together a title themed after “clumsy simulation.” so says Bossa’s Rob Gotlieb over on Xbox Wire.

If, up to this point, you’ve not been privy to I Am Bread‘s absurd premise, it’s exactly as you’d expect from such a simple title. Spread across a series of increasingly difficult stages, players are tasked with manoeuvring a slice of bread across a hazard-filled level in order to reach a toaster and, yes, you guessed it, toast themselves.

Subsequent stages become considerably more tricky by design, where the sacred kitchen appliance is absent entirely, leaving players to scout out something that can be utilized as a heart source in order to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming toast. As with Bossa’s breakout success Surgeon Simulator, controls are made intentionally cumbersome and complicated, a decision that, Gotlieb says, was made to maintain the same level of humor and personality as its spiritual predecessor.

If you’re in the mood for some loaf-y adventures this weekend, you can pick up I Am Bread for $12.99 right now on Xbox One, which also includes the platformer’s standalone DLC Starch Wars: A New Loaf (yes, really). Unlike the base game, Starch Wars is a “fully-fledged space shooter” that sees your ambitious slice of bread take to the stars in order to tackle the threat of the Rye Fighters. You’ll need to complete the first chapter in I Am Bread‘s Story Mode to play Starch Wars, however.

If all of that pun-filled action appeals to you, head over to Microsoft’s Store now to download the greatest game featuring bread you’ll ever play.