Capcom’s Deep Down To Appear At TGS On PS4, First Teaser Published Online


After lighting up the stage at the PlayStation 4 reveal event back in February, Capcom’s Deep Down resided into the shadows of mystery. Not much was known about the visually impressive game and the renown publisher remained mum on all things swords and sorcery. However, today the dormant beast has risen its head after the company announced that a playable demo of the RPG will be available at The Tokyo Game Show in September.

Here’s a brief teaser of the game, which was published on Deep Down’s official Japanese website:

By the looks of things, Capcom’s upcoming title has added a dash of Dark Souls and a sprinkling of Dragon’s Dogma into its brooding concoction. With hushed whispers and flashing one-shots of menacing demon-like creatures, it appears as though the game will lean towards horror as much as traditional RPG conventions. Plus, the forerunning Capcom logo is a moniker for their online development team which, coupled with rumours suggesting the game to have an MMORPG element of gameplay, it seems as though Deep Down may well incorporate some degree of multiplayer into its finished product.

At E3, Capcom’s producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed that Deep Down was being constructed using a brand new engine designed with the PlayStation 4 in mind. With the said, the company have neither confirmed nor denied whether the game will release as a PS4 exclusive in 2014.

We’ll keep you posted about Deep Down when it makes its appearance at The Tokyo Game Show next month – which is set to take place over the weekend of September 19th – 22nd.

Dungeon crawler, MMORPG, or straight up horror? What do you make of the Deep Down teaser? Drop your speculations in the comments below.