Only Four Cards From Magic: The Gathering Core 2021 Are Worth More Than $10

Magic: The Gathering

Much to the chagrin of many, Magic: The Gathering doesn’t appeal to a single audience.

Competitive players, for example, value cards based on their power level relative to the card game’s central ruleset and the edge they can give on being able to secure a win. On the flip side, those with an eye for turning a profit on the so-called process of card ‘flipping’ have an altogether different goal. Card rarity, age and likelihood of imminent reprints are three key factors that Magic investors are wary of at all times. If an expansion flops and none of the cards are well-received, sales will be inadvertently affected, with neither camp wanting to cough up the cash Wizards is asking for.

That’s exactly what appears to be happening with Core 2021 as, despite it being little more than a month old, only a handful of cards in the set are still worth more than $10 on the secondary market. It’s not entirely clear why that’s the case, though the answer could be simple economics. Too much supply and demand will inevitably fall.

Should you decide to keep cracking packs of Core 2021, the four cards you’ll want to be on the lookout for are:

  • Teferi, Master of Time
  • Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
  • Grim Tutor
  • Terror of the Peaks

All four of above are Mythic Rares, of course, so your chances of finding any, without mass box openings, is slim. It’s also worth noting that this price guide only takes into account cards found in standard boxes; not Collector’s versions. Full-art and borderless cards are, therefore, not accounted for.

In other Magic: The Gathering news, new set Double Masters released last week and some of its cards are already fetching hundreds of dollars. See here for more details.