Far Cry Primal Live Action Trailer Mixes War And Reverse Time Travel


If there’s one thing that can be said about Ubisoft, it’s that its marketing team loves trailers. I mean, it honestly seems as if that one company produces two times the amount of trailers as any of its competitors, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that estimate actually ended up being too low.

Today has brought with it two brand new trailers from the French gaming giant, with this new Far Cry Primal live action video being the standout. Reason being is that, not only does it do a good job of piquing one’s interest in the upcoming spinoff, but it’s also rather memorable overall.

What you’ll see when you hit the play button is time travel in reverse. Things begin with a modern (if not slightly futuristic) soldier running along a battlefield, before sending him back in time to World War II and its D-Day invasions. Then, things go even further back, to the Civil War era and so on, before ending in the stone age where Far Cry Primal takes place. After that, gameplay footage takes over, and a tagline stating how, “This time it’s not about guns, it’s about guts” shows as being true.

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s so close, because it feels as if it was just announced yesterday, but Far Cry Primal will send us to the stone age on February 23rd.

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