Dead By Daylight’s Evil Dead DLC Confirmed, Bruce Campbell To Return

the Evil Dead

Fans of hit horror comedy show Ash vs. Evil Dead had to endure heavy sadness last year, when it was announced, due to declining viewership, that the show was to be axed. Despite a heavily backed fan petition for its return for a potential fourth season, the revival was ultimately not to be and all hope was lost. That is, until now.

Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive, together with Ash vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell, confirmed today that a crossover DLC for the asymmetrical horror game is in the works. In addition to that, they released a video featuring Campbell and some brief in-game footage of what players can expect from the upcoming content, which can be found below.

For close followers of all things Dead By Daylight, the news will likely only be somewhat surprising, given prior whispers doing the rounds online suggesting as such, but now that it’s official, expect speculation to hit overdrive, especially as full details from Behaviour Interactive are still forthcoming. Indeed, beyond confirmation that Ash will be available as a survivor as part of the DLC drop and that Bruce Campbell himself will be voicing his digital self, little else is known. To venture a guess, I’d imagine Behaviour will want to take full advantage of the license and include some of the iconic weapons Ash uses in the television series, the Boomstick shotgun especially.

We’ll ultimately have to sit tight and wait for Behaviour to reveal more of its proposed plans, which could come as soon as later today. The developer is currently present at PAX East which runs from March 28th all the way through to Sunday, March 31st. Dead By Daylight‘s latest crossover is just the latest in a long line of horror icons to have been immortalized in-game, too. Halloween‘s Michael Myers and Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Freddy Kreuger, to name just a couple, have been introduced as playable ‘Killer’ characters since launch, and Behaviour, clearly, has much more up its sleeve planned for the immediate and farther future.