Dead Space’s 10 Most Terrifying Moments

Dead Space

Dead Space was a game that captured the essence of horror, and streamlined the terror into a slick gaming package. While the game had an emphasis on combat and action, the horror that created the chilling backbone satisfied the desire for fear. I followed the game with a passion before launch because I knew that gamers were in for something special. I gave Visceral Games my complete faith, and it only helped heighten the anticipation.

When the game launched on October 14th in 2008, my faith was completely restored in the horror games that I longingly missed. Launch day came and as I sat in my room with a few friends we shut the lights off, turned the volume up, and proceeded to succumb to the terror at hand. We became fully immersed in the terrifying experience Isaac Clarke was thrust into, the horrors of the Ishimura, and the insanity that followed.

Now, with Dead Space 3 arriving this week, it seems to be the perfect time to we remind ourselves why a miner from space captured our hearts.

Here’s our 10 most terrifying moments from the original Dead Space.

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