6 Small But Important Changes We’d Like To See In Destiny 2


Word on the street – or, in more modern terms, internet – in case you hadn’t heard, is that Bungie’s knocked it out of the park with Destiny 2. I’d be lying, of course, if I said I had not a single concern about the long-awaited sequel leading up to launch, especially given the rocky start that the original had, but it’s for those same reasons that keeping a tight leash on expectations is always a good precautionary measure to take. You know, just in case everything goes tits up.

Fortunately, in Destiny 2‘s case, apprehension wasn’t necessary: Bungie’s continuation of the ten-year – if that’s still a thing – journey is a terrific one that not only remedies the original’s poorly-received elements (the story actually makes sense, and is pretty good, to boot), but expands on many of the ideas that were introduced post-launch with The Taken King and Rise of Iron.

With that said, it’s by no means perfect. Truthfully, Destiny 2 is easy to love and hard to hate, but, as with all things, there’s always room to improve. Bungie’s come a long, long way since 2014, but some of its methods still require being called into question. Not out of spite, but a genuine desire to ensure the series’ continued success.