7 New Features We Can’t Wait To Try In Destiny 2


There’s not long left to wait now.

In just over a month’s time, Bungie’s long awaited sequel to Destiny will hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and nothing, not even a year-long delay, has managed to dampen the enthusiasm of Guardians the world over. Last year’s Rise of Iron, the excellent slice of ice-cold content that it was, served its purpose perfectly as a stop-gap side story to soften the 12 month wait for Destiny 2, but now, we’re ready to resign past adventures to memory and venture forth into the unknown all over again.

Gone, at last, is the arrogant Oryx and his galaxy-threatening horde of Taken monstrosities, replaced instead, with the Red Legion – the Cabal’s most elite squad of merciless brutes led by Dominus Ghaul. The battle-hardened goliath has a particular loathing of mankind and wastes no time in proving it by destroying Earth’s last line of defence, The Tower.

Scattered to the solar winds without so much as an Exotic to call your own, you’ll have to rebuild the Vanguard and take back Earth step by step, but don’t expect this quest to be anything like the last. Bungie’s gone all out in ensuring that Destiny 2 doesn’t suffer the same stagnation that its predecessor did by packing it to the brim with all sorts new and improved content.

Lost Sectors, Adventures and a whole lot more will join the weekly rituals of old to ensure there’s never a shortage of things to do in Destiny 2, and here are just some of the new features we can’t wait to experience.