7 New Features We Can’t Wait To Try In Destiny 2


Three entirely brand new celestial bodies are primed and ready to be invaded and dirtied by man’s invasive footprint next month, and by golly, is that exciting. Nessus, Io and Saturn’s moon Titan will take the place of Destiny‘s more recognizable collection of planets, boasting genuinely alien ecosystems and heaps of content to boot.

That second promise, in particular, is an important sticking point, mind you. Of the three locations, only Nessus has so far been shown to the public, and while it certainly looks pretty – a breath of fresh air from Mars’ pale red deserts, that’s for sure – it’s what we’ll be able to find on its surface that’ll dictate whether or not Earth’s tourists make regular return visits.

For all the excitement that preceded you taking those first footsteps on Earth’s neighbors in the first game, not one of them ever really succeeded in making you want to stick around for longer than was required. However, improving the sandbox, as Bungie refers to it, very much appears to be one of its primary focuses going forward.

If Lost Sectors, Treasure Hunts and Adventures are as prevalent on Titan and Io as they appear to be on Nessus, we’re in for a treat.

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