7 Awesome Exotics You Need In Your Destiny 2 Arsenal


Destiny 2‘s honeymoon period has come to its natural end; the dust has settled and any fears the community may have had that Bungie’s sequel would suffer similar issues to that of its predecessor have mostly been allayed and swept into a neat pile, ready to be discarded.

With level caps reached, raids conquered and the Cabal invasion of Earth quelled, the Guardian collective has now resumed its daily and weekly rituals that Bungie remains so fond of, all in the hopes of scoring the rarest of all loot: Exotics. Just in case you’re one of the unfortunate few for who bad luck follows across every video game, the developer has made sure that every player gets to experience that magical moment by doling out a hand-picked selection via Destiny 2‘s campaign, but the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that.

The excitement of landing an Exotic Engram drop has, and remains to be one of the highlights of Destiny‘s addictive gameplay, but which are to be considered the best? Find out on the next page.