Destiny 2: 6 Upcoming Updates To Watch Out For


As Destiny 2 steadily approaches its one-week anniversary, an increasing number of Guardians have managed to successfully put an end to the threat posed by Dominus Ghaul and his Cabal cronies, in the process bringing safety, once more, to Earth’s Last City and earning their place as the Traveler’s – and mankind’s – protectors. Indeed, by now, many reading this will be thoroughly absorbed in Destiny 2‘s end game activities, tackling Heroic Events, Nightfall Strikes and other challenges, all in an effort to gear up for those adventures yet to be revealed.

The original Destiny, despite it having received an abundant amount of post-launch content support from Bungie, always struggled to deliver them on a frequent basis, which ultimately led to extended droughts and the threat of stagnation. The Taken King and, to a lesser extent, Rise of Iron, both injected a commendable amount of new content into the daily and weekly rituals that make up Destiny‘s unique end game model, but they were simply too few and far between. There are certainly worse criticisms any game developer can be unfortunate enough to deal with, but it’s a valid one nonetheless.

Activision and Bungie are acutely aware of past mistakes, though, and even now, just six days after launch, the latter already has a wealth of new updates primed in the pipeline, ready and waiting to keep the experience fresh and exciting. As is tradition, the all-important centerpiece of Destiny‘s end game – Raids – is due to arrive on Destiny 2‘s shores any moment now, but besides that, there’s plenty of other updates to look forward to over the weeks and months to come…