Bungie Will Divide Player Base With Destiny: Rise Of Iron


It’s official – Destiny: Rise of Iron will be made available for PS4 and Xbox One players only. On their official webpage, Bungie detailed what PS3 and Xbox 360 owners should expect come August, which is when they’ll begin to separate their player base.

Our goal is always to bring every player from this awesome community along for the ride as we continue the story of Destiny. At the same time, we will also continue to support players who elect not to upgrade their console hardware.

This Fall, you’ll still be able to play Destiny on legacy generation consoles, but that journey will occur on a separate path. Up to this point, player progression between current and legacy consoles in the same family has been shared by each account. This summer, that experience will fork into two parallel experiences that will no longer share progression.

Those on “Legacy consoles,” as Bungie refers to them, will be able to port their characters over to the new hardware should they choose to upgrade. But although they mentioned that they will continue to “support” those players on the older hardware, no new content will be released for the last generation of consoles.

It’s an interesting choice to say the least, considering that they’ll be effectively cutting off potential sales of the expansion to two of the four consoles Destiny is available on. Bungie promises to explain in greater detail how this decision will effect each console in the coming weeks, but for now, we’re certainly intrigued to hear more about it.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is scheduled for release on September 20th.

Source: Bungie