Destiny’s Limited-Time Iron Banner Event Returns Next Week


The high stakes and fiercely competitive Iron Banner PvP event returns to Destiny next week, perhaps marking the last time players will be fighting in the name of the Iron Lords until the sci-fi shooter’s Rise of Iron expansion launches in September.

As usual, the event will run for a week, in which time players will have the chance to nab themselves some exclusive weapons and armor that can’t be found anywhere else. Interestingly, this month’s set of rewards have been re-colored from the usual bronzes, greens and whites, and replaced with golds and blacks instead. See above for an example of the Warlock set.

What’s more, PlayStation players can look forward to obtaining some platform exclusive helmets for each respective class when the gauntlet goes live which you can see below, along with start/end times.

Begins: Tuesday, August 16th
Ends: Tuesday, August 23rd


Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 20. Bungie confirmed previously that the add-on won’t be coming to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3; both respective consoles are now considered ‘legacy platforms’ that won’t receive any future new DLC due to their ageing hardware.

Expect to see, hear and read more about Rise of Iron next week, when Bungie attends Gamescom in Germany.