E3 2014: The 5 Worst Conference Moments

E3 Expo in Los Angeles

So there it is then. After months of anticipation, E3 has finally revealed all the games you were desperate as hell to play – and confirmed that you won’t be playing them until this time next year. Terrific. And as if the words “coming 2015” weren’t haunting enough, there were plenty of other notable offences from each press conference that I’m too self-entitled to let slide.

Maybe ‘self-entitled’ is a bit wrong, though. The fact of the matter is, as a gamer, I am the target audience for this very event. These million-dollar development teams and spectacular conferences – with their flashing lights and liberal use of the word “immersive” – are specifically designed to whip me up into a consumer frenzy. And frankly, if I’m anything less than drop-kicking my wallet through the computer screen, they’ve technically failed. I guess this makes me semi-entitled.

It wasn’t all bad, of course. All things considered I’d probably give it 6/10. There was the odd moment of gasp-inducing elation, but certainly nothing on par with Sony effectively tea-bagging Microsoft during last year’s event. We at the WGTC towers know this because we sat through the lot. Some of us are even still there, and not all by choice. It’s a big place. People get lost easily.

We’ve already discussed who we think “won” E3, but what I’m here to talk about now is that remaining 4/10. The absolute worst parts of what E3 had to offer (no, not its “epic fails”. We’re not 14. Let’s refer to it as schadenfreude instead) and what it means for us as gamers in the future.

Read on, and cook up some reasons as to why I’m completely wrong for saying the things I’m about to say…