EA Says Apex Legends Is On Track To Become A Billion Dollar Franchise

Apex Legends

Despite being less than two years old, Apex Legends is fast becoming one of EA’s most lucrative properties. The publisher, which had no stake or involvement in the battle royale’s development, has thrown its weight (read: lots and lots of money) behind the title ever since its popularity took off back in 2019. An investment, it seems, that has more than paid off, judging by the latest figures released by the company’s COO and CFO, Blake Jorgensen.

As detailed in a recent press release dealing with quarterly earnings, Jorgensen describes how Apex is on track to establish itself as EA’s latest “billion dollar franchise” by the end of the current fiscal year in April 2022, joining the likes of FIFA and Madden as an integral contributor to profits. Whether those projections will come true is another matter entirely, of course, though with no end in sight to the frequent and sizable content updates being rolled out, we imagine such a goal is guaranteed to be met sooner or later.

Last week marked the arrival of Season 7: Ascension, which, besides adding yet another new character in the form of Horizon, introduced a long-awaited third map. Boasting a much larger play area in comparison to OG arena Kings Canyon or Season 3’s World’s Edge, Olympus’ size has provided Respawn with the justification to debut drivable vehicles in Apex, perhaps paving the way for more creative additions in the future. Those of the two-legged kind, perhaps?

Though the developer has reiterated numerous times previously that it has no plans to migrate Titanfall‘s mechs over to the series’ spiritual successor, plans can (and often do) change, so never say never. For now, though, fans will assuredly be happy that Apex Legends is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and we, like you, can’t wait to see where the IP goes next.