Eevee’s Best Evolutions Ranked

One of the most beloved Pokémon, right behind Pikachu, is Eevee. Eevee has been a fan-favorite since it and its first three evolutions were revealed. Now with eight evolutions, Eevee is more popular than ever, especially after Let’s Go Eevee was released on the Nintendo Switch. Eevee is known as the evolution Pokémon, and because of the different variations it can evolve into based on how you raise and train it, it’s time to rank all eight of them.

8. Vaporeon

We’ve seen Vaporeon a few times throughout the many seasons and movies of Pokémon, but the most memorable has to be in the episode “The Battling Eevee Brothers.” It showcased just how cool Eevee and all of its evolutions were and had kids everywhere fighting over which evolution was the best.

Vaporeon’s design is very faithful to its water type classification. Its tail looks like that of a mermaid and the fins surrounding its head are a unique way to showcase its type. While Vaporeon has a great design and is an OG Eeveelution, compared to others and the newer evolutions, its design can seem plain.

7. Sylveon

As for Sylveon, the newest evolution, we saw its appearance in Pokémon: XYZ as the evolved form of Serena’s Eevee. A fairy type, Sylveon has an interesting ability that we got to see in action during its evolution. The ribbons from Sylveon’s body give off a soothing aura and can stop fights or any sort of negative emotion. It evolved because of Serena’s friendship and wanting to help her overcome anxiety surrounding the contest.

Is Sylveon’s design the best? Maybe not. Sure, it’s a little cheesy with all of the pastel colors, but it is a fairy type after all. It’s ribbon ability gives it a boost on this list because while it’s adorable, it’s also just plain cool.

6. Jolteon

Much like Vaporeon, the first time we see Jolteon is in the episode with the Eevee Brothers, who all have different evolutions. In fact, we’ve seen this plot more than once with a group of sisters having all of the evolutions as well.

Jolteon’s spiky design looks just like lightning bolts, and it’s color scheme matches clouds and thunder. It goes really well with its lightning type classification. Something about the rigidness of its design is so satisfying, which is what puts Jolteon at number 6.

5. Leafeon

Introduced in generation IV along with its counterpart, Glaceon, Leafeon is the grass type evolution of Eevee. It’s design is adorable with its almost crumpled up leaf tail and the ombre effect of its color scheme.

One of the most interesting things about Leafeon, though, is the way it evolves. Instead of using a stone like many of the other evolutions, you have to be near the mossy rock and level up your Eevee to get it to evolve into Leafeon. There was some confusion when this was announced, but now there’s a mossy rock somewhere in every game just so Eevee can evolve into Leafeon.

4. Flareon

One of the most perfectly designed evolutions is Flareon. It looks like a puppy with fur that resembles flames. Its color scheme is unmatched and its design really brings out the fire element it’s supposed to represent. With one glance you can tell it’s Eevee’s fire type evolution.

Not only that, but you can tell it’s an Eevee evolution in its own right. It has similar ears and even similar fur to Eevee, which some of the other evolutions lack. Flareon’s design alone puts it high up on the list.

3. Umbreon

The dark type Eevee evolution is Umbreon, which was introduced in Generation II with its own counterpart in Espeon. Truthfully, Umbreon is just cool. From its design, to its abilities, and especially its shiny form, it’s a formidable Pokémon both battle and design wise.

In the anime, we see Umbreon for the first time as Gary’s sidekick after learning that’s what his Eevee has evolved into. This also leads us to believe that while Gary is a jerk and condescending to Ash, he still treats his Pokémon well, as Umbreon evolved from a high level of friendship instead of a stone.

2. Glaceon

Like Leafeon, Glaceon was also introduced in Generation IV as the ice type evolution for Eevee. Its evolution sequence is similar to its counterpart, except it’s an icy rock that it must evolve near. As for design, you may not immediately think ice type when you see it, however the sharp edges of its ears and tail make you think of pointed icicles.

If that doesn’t sell you, Glaceon first appeared as May’s Pokémon when she showed up in the Diamond and Pearl series of the show. Glaceon’s move set is gorgeous but also powerful, as most ice Pokémon are. Ice Pokémon have always been nicely designed and Glaceon is no exception.

1. Espeon

At number one, we have the psychic type, Espeon. Along with Umbreon, Espeon was also introduced in Generation II and instantly becam a fan-favorite. Many psychic Pokémon are pink and/or have pink somewhere in their design. You can really tell that this is an Eevee evolution without having to second-guess yourself. The ears and the face give it away that it was once the cute fluffball we all know and love.

Espeon’s evolution is an interesting one like Umbreon’s, as you have to hold a certain level of friendship with Eevee before it will evolve. If you do have this and level Eevee up during the day, then you’ll get the top evolution of Espeon. At nighttime you’d get Umbreon, which is why they’re considered counterparts.

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