Epic Cinematic For Destiny’s DLC The Dark Below Leaks Online


Though it isn’t due to launch for another couple of weeks, the opening cinematic for Destiny‘s maiden expansion, The Dark Below, has leaked online courtesy of YouTube user Mr. Jester6598.

As the first post-launch DLC, many fans of Bungie’s shared-world shooter are looking to The Dark Below with fevered anticipation. Priced at $19.99, the add-on will raise the in-game level cap from 30 to 32 thanks to some additional light-infused armour, an array of new legendary and exotic weapons as well as a host of new story missions that will revolve around a villainous being known as Crota.

Residing in the dank and dark chambers of the moon, the Hive King commands legions of menial hive soldiers with the intent of overthrowing the remaining human population. So, with your Ghost in tow, Guardians are tasked with going up against the new big bad across the story missions and all-new raid mission appropriately called Crota’s End.

As part of Sony’s exclusive partnership with Activision, it’s understood that those who buy the DLC on PlayStation platforms will gain access to an additional strike mission called The Undying Mind.

The Dark Below is the first of two announced DLC bundles for Destiny, with the sophomore expansion, House of Wolves, due to arrive in the early stages of 2015.

Guardians can look forward to December 9th when The Dark Below will go live for Destiny players. In the meantime, let us know what you make of the expansion’s opening cinematic in the comments section below.