European Retailers List PlayStation 4 For November 13th Release

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Officially, Sony has refused to narrow down the PlayStation 4‘s release window to anything smaller than Holiday 2013. Unofficially, two separate European retailers have now pegged the next-gen console for a November 13th release.

The unconfirmed PlayStation 4 European launch date was first spotted by a NeoGAF member, who took a picture of a Media Markt (a German-based consumer electronics retailer, with a chain of stores throughout Europe) PS4 advertisement in one of their Amsterdam stores today. The sign clearly stated that the next-gen console would launch on November 13, 2013. A separate NeoGAF user (in the same thread) claimed to have seen the exact same poster in a Austria Media Markt, indicating that the release date is not just for the Netherlands.

The second listing (via CVG) comes from Dutch online retailer, which also notes a November 13th release date for the PlayStation 4.

Retailer listings and promotional material does not make this release date for the PlayStation 4 official — and Sony has already called it pure speculation — but it does line up with the official Holiday window and puts the console in a position to compete toe-to-toe with the Xbox One’s November launch.

We will keep an eye out for any announcement from Sony on the PlayStation 4‘s release date, and let you know as soon as they give us the high sign.