Watch: Awesome Family Guy Mod Makes Resident Evil 7 Even Scarier

Resident Evil

Video games are rarely perfect, as many may be too difficult for some players, have cumbersome menu systems or interfaces, or otherwise impose irritating limits that reduce the fun that can be had. Thankfully for PC gamers, mods have allowed both amateur and professional creators the opportunity to alter games and bring new life to the experiences through improved or entirely redesigned gameplay, art and controls.

But while the modding community has allowed many gamers to bypass developer-imposed limits and enjoy their favorite titles with completely overhauled menus or improved graphics, some modders have taken it upon themselves to create ridiculous additions just for the sheer humor of it. These kinds of funny mods have been a mainstay in mod-heavy games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, such as one that turns every crab into Zoidberg from Futurama or makes dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine.

But YouTuber ToastedShoes has recently uploaded gameplay of a Resident Evil 7 mod that replaces various NPCs and enemies with Family Guy characters. And since the base game largely revolves around being trapped on the property of a family of crazed lunatics who attempt to kill you, funny mods should theoretically dampen the game’s intense and relentless horror and trivialize the concept, right?

Well, not exactly. It may sound funny at first, but this strange mod manages to transcend its intended humor to make the game somehow even more disturbing thanks to the awkwardly disproportioned character models and the use of audio clips from the show that make the scenarios feel bizarre and uncomfortable.

As hilarious as it may have been created to be, there’s something grotesquely eerie about Family Guy‘s sex-crazed Quagmire emerging from ooze and repeating his catchphrase “Giggity” as he marches towards you ominously. Meanwhile, Griffin family patriarch Peter replaces the Baker family’s father, breaking through a wall with a hammer and chanting “Bird is the word” over and over as you attempt to escape him.

Plenty of other characters make appearances throughout the video, too, and they’re all equally unsettling in their own right. As such, this Resident Evil 7 mod may be worth a download if you’re the type who’s creeped out by ludicrous and over-the-top stuff, but beware that you may never see Family Guy in the same light again.