6 Games From The Current Generation Of Consoles That I’ll Always Remember

Red Dead Redemption

red dead nips

Do I even need to say anything here? I mean, just take a minute to soak in the epicness that is that photo. What you’ll see if John Marston about to knife a bear to death, all up close and personal. If you did all the challenges in this great game then you know that knife fighting bears was just another day in the life for John.

It would have been one thing if the game was just fun, which it was. But it was so much more than that. Every single aspect of Red Dead Redemption, from the soundtrack to the dialogue, was perfect. It did not feel like you were playing a game. It felt like you were in the Old West (do people still call it that?) and you were just doing all you could to get back to your family.

By the way, I can’t be the only person who was really happy to see them die in the Undead Nightmare DLC, right? I mean, your son was a whiny bitch, and your wife was a whiny bitch. Poor John did all that for THEM?

Oh, and I want to end this entry with a wishful prediction. This character and game is so beloved, that I bet when we get a sequel, we actually get a prequel and get to play as John back when he was a bad guy. Come on, would that not be the best thing ever?

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  1. Nobodysays:

    No Skyrim?

  2. 1800aaacoolsays:

    why are you talking shit on bioshock 2? you little shit

  3. SmileyOfChaossays:

    No Skyrim? The Last of Us? Uncharted? God of War III? Terrible list…

    1. Manuel Granadossays:

      The best Gods of War were in PS2 not in PS3. And that’s a previous generation I’d say.
      The Last of Us did deserve a spot over maybe GTAV. But Fallout surpasses Skyrim, if you don’t agree, it’s cause you have not played Fallout 3.

      1. SmileyOfChaossays:

        God of War III is the pinnacle of the series and was on PS3. As for Fallout…nah. Personally neither Fallout 3 nor the bastard child New Vegas held my attention nearly as long as Oblivion and especially Skyrim. The purposefully dull worlds became just that after a second or third time beating them, whereas TES has just about infinite replay value.

      2. Manuel Granadossays:

        We’ll have to disagree on that.

        As much as I love Skyrim I think Fallout 3 is superior and the grounds for what became Skyrim as much as Oblivion was. Sadly Fallout hasn’t stood the passing of time that well and looks dated, but the story, voicework and freedom to do as you please, how you please, when you please is unparalled. Skyrim does have a more immersive world, but, in my opinion, the story is simply ok.
        As for GoW, I think the real groundbreaking came with the 1st, was expanded in the second and the third continued the tradition. Ascencion was the proof that it was a tried and true formula because it brought little to nothing new to the table.

      3. Remy Carreirosays:

        Bam. Nailed it.

    2. Remy Carreirosays:

      The list is an opinion piece. Saying it is terrible because we have different opinions is, no offense, fucking hilarious to me. SKyglitch was a broken game, and adoring a game that is released unfinished like Skyrim was just shows how little you know about gaming. I also told you why there are no PS3 games on the list, so learn to read before you cast stones, fucktard.

      1. SmileyOfChaossays:

        I found this list with Zergnet, I am not a regular of this site and only “read” the list to see the choices. I didn’t read the last paragraph where you addressed the lack of PS3 games or much of anything on GTA V because since I’ve played it, I can understand why it would be so high, especially after going back and reading that you for some Godforsaken reason don’t have a PS3. Had you maybe put that at the start I would have seen it, at the time I was just shocked that some of the greatest games of this gen (which mostly were on PS3) weren’t included.

        I’m a 21 year-old, full-time college student who can’t get as many hours as I would want at my job and yet have all the current gen systems, a Vita, and PS4 with still enough money to pay for everything else with plenty to put back for retirement. So…money shouldn’t be an issue for anyone if they apply themselves. Get a second job or something, sheesh.

        Also, not adoring Skyrim shows as much about how little you know of gaming than someone who does, aka it shows nothing. For many people it was a complete mess, however I only experienced a framerate drop a couple times so yes, I loved it. And while I’m not a fan of incomplete material and would wish the current trend of releasing such things would go away (I’ve noticed some features that should be included with the PS4 but are unfortunately missing for example), it’s just childish to not love something great because it wasn’t perfect when it released. Having things fully completed and relatively problem-free would be great and how it should be, but just because something isn’t perfect and exactly the way you want doesn’t merit such a poisonous reaction to its very mention.

        I may not have read your entire article and missed something at the very end that should have mentioned from the get-go, but Goddamn. Take a chill pill, get laid, learn to not take everything so personally and most importantly, LEARN TO WRITE. I’m amazed someone who considers themselves a writer and gamer would put something as important as not being able to play a system from one of the Big Three at the very, very end where many wouldn’t catch it. If anything buy a PS3 now or in a year or two when they’re cheaper, because the experience GoW III, the Uncharted trilogy, and especially The Last of Us gives is something no gamer should do without.

      2. Remy Carreirosays:

        Oh wow.
        Feel good to get all that out of your system?
        Thanks for the article to go along with my article.
        Also, tell me to learn to write once you have 2000 articles published, son.
        Learning to write and getting a Playstation 3 have, literally, nothing in common, so the fact that you just tried to connect them as one statement tells me why you are the “reader” and I am the writer.
        God, I love this job.

      3. SmileyOfChaossays:

        They’re more than a little connected when it comes to an article on gaming you dense motherfucker. Any article, whether it is presented as fact or opinion, is a poor one if the writer only has a casual knowledge of what he or she is writing about and fails to inform the readers as such before any information is given. Imagine someone who only has an inkling of a certain topic blaring their opinion in public, only to mumble after it all that they’re missing a huge chunk of the information needed for them to create even a decent opinion. That’s what you did with this list. In fact, my 14 year-old little sister could probably do better than this just because she’s been exposed to more games than you and has a more rounded knowledge on them.

        Granted I’m at fault for not completely reading the entire thing, but you’re also at fault for nestling such information in the very last paragraph instead of in one of the first few. Also…quantity does not equal quality buddy. You can write as many articles for as many B-grade sites as you want, it will never guarantee that you’re any good. On a side note however, remove my not knowing you didn’t have access to a PS3 and the list isn’t too bad. Hiding such a major detail in the back is what really fudged it for me.

      4. Remy Carreirosays:

        AW, she’s still talking.
        And now she is swearing at me.
        Jeez, poor thing.
        You a cutter? You sound like a cutter.
        It gets better, hun. I promise.
        Good luck with your manic depression.
        By the way, “fault” implies I did something wrong.
        Pissing off an insane reader tells me I did something right.
        Oh, and thanks for that.
        *Walks off smiling like the smug fuck that I am

  4. Remisays:

    you sir had my like untill gta came here it donesn’t belong besides such masterpieces that this list has! gta is and will always be just gta nothing more nothing less nothing new nothing mentionable. you should really have put dark souls or the last of us on this list instead!

  5. TravTuckdontgivenofucksays:

    Hey I agree with this list wholeheartedly…I might have replaced Fallout 3 with Borderlands 2 but other than that this list is stellar IMHO. Skyrim?-surely you jest. God of War?-are you retarded? Uncharted and The Last of Us?-He obviously couldnt find time for that PS3 drivel. The Bioshocks and Rockstar games dwarf them in comparison of scope, replayability, and awesomeness in general. Now go back to playing Call of Duty and Guitar Hero, damn kids.

  6. Observersays:

    Nice list, would have included the Mass Effect series, still looking forward to making time for Far Cry 3 and BioShock series.

    1. Observersays:

      Oh GTA 4 and and Dragon Age:Origins will stick with me too. What can I say BioWare and Rockstar are pimpness central.

  7. Davesays:

    Red Dead, Last of Us, GTAV, Uncharted 2, Bioshock, & Fallout 3…Skyrim & Fallout: New Vegas would be my top 2 if Bethesda & Obsidian would have taken their time (like Rockstar did with GTAV) and worked out the bugs.

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