Festival Of The Lost Returns To Destiny: Rise Of Iron On October 25


Bungie’s Halloween-themed event Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny: Rise of Iron next week, bringing with it a whole host of fun activities and items to help you get in the spirit.

As reported previously, the more cunning Guardians among you have already managed to discover some of the spooktastic you’ll get your hands on come October 25, including new Exotic weapon ornaments, comedic masks and new Ghost shells.


As per Bungie’s weekly update, players will be reporting to Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple in order to help her with a ‘favor.’ We imagine this will take the form of a quest chain similarly to last year’s version, although there appears to be much more meat on the bone this year. The trailer above showcases various new masks you’ll be able to earn, as well as a suitably-themed Sparrow that appears to be drenched in fluorescent green ectoplasm.

Disappointingly, it appears that some of the Ornaments discovered in this week’s patch files won’t actually be making their way to the game with Festival of The Lost – Bungie says to look out for more of them with subsequent events. Red Death, Thorn and Black Spindle will all receive new licks of paint around Christmas time.

That’s one special event out of the way, then. Expect Bungie to release details for the return of Destiny‘s Sparrow Racing League in the coming weeks.