Flappy Bird In Space: 5 Reasons To Start Playing Dodgy: Zero

It’s Flappy Bird In Space

Flappy Bird in Space

Dong Nguyen yanked Flappy Bird from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play after announcing that he felt its addictive traits had “become a problem.” He’s since rescinded a bit, hinting that it’s not impossible for the bird bird to return, but that he’d still need a break from the madness before fully changing his mind. In other words? Don’t get your hopes up, fans. Dong must simmer in his thoughts.

Since nabbing Dodgy: Zero, I’ve long since forgotten about Flappy’s endless world of Mario-pilfered green pipes. I mean, Zero (which I’ve named the protagonist green blob, if he wasn’t named that already) navigates space. What’s cooler than outer space? A few things, but they’re not important, nor are they nearly as large or amazing. Plus, Zero ditches the need for oxygen without a second thought.

In all seriousness, though, Dodgy’s world is a fair bit more varied than Flappy Bird’s, all while maintaining a similarly Mario-inspired look. See the faces on those yellow blocks? Sure, they’re just two black rectangles, but they also bear a striking resemblance to the Power Stars collected in countless Mario adventures. The red multi-faced sticks popping up everywhere are a bit more of a mystery, but I’ll chalk it up to LedgeWizard games’ creative side.