Fortnite Chapter 2 Leaks Reveal Halloween Skins, Cosmetics And More


Halloween is almost upon us and this year, Fortnite looks poised to celebrate the spooky occasion with a bountiful supply of new content. Confirmation of such is still forthcoming, of course, but Epic Games will almost certainly have some sort of Limited-Time event planned for the holiday and while we await more details on that front, data miners have been incredibly busy unpacking the contents of the battle royale’s enormous Chapter 2 patch.

Players who have already sunk countless hours into uncovering the secrets of Apollo island and progressing through the new and improved Battle Pass will likely be aware of the myriad new cosmetics introduced with Fortnite‘s rebirth, but don’t settle on a favourite skin just yet – a whole lot more are on the way.

Check out the gallery below for just a taste of the grim, grisly and gruesome cosmetics headed in-game shortly, courtesy of a combined effort by leakers HYPEX, ShiinaBR, xkleinmikex and PXLPAT.

Ghouls, zombies, skeletons, ghosts: hell, essentially the entire hierarchy of undead monstrosities are being accounted for this time around and the variety is somewhat intimidating, to say the least. As to how one can expect to go about obtaining these macabre wardrobe additions, chances are they’ll be divided between being obtained as special challenge rewards and as direct purchases via Fortnite‘s in-game store.

In terms of a release window, Epic Games usually rolls out its weekly Fortnite updates on a Wednesday, so we’re looking at either October 23rd or the 30th as the two potential dates, though there’s always the possibility of a delay. We’ll keep you posted either way.

In the meantime, those of you still getting to grips with everything Fortnite Chapter 2 has to offer can find everything you need to know over here.

Source: Twitter