Fortnite’s Finally Adding Cars With Tomorrow’s JoyRide Update

Fortnite Photo

Some major events have been taking place in Fortnite over the last few weeks or so and the fun isn’t about to stop.

Following the arrival of DC’s Aquaman in Chapter 2 Season 3, players of the battle royale have been busy acclimatizing themselves to a drastically altered Apollo Island. In order to facilitate traversal between the various islands that now make up the digital playground, Epic Games has introduced a number of new vehicles, including boats and helicopters. The use of each is paramount to ensuring you and/or your teammates don’t end up stranded when the Storm moves in, of course, but do little to speed up on-land travel.

And that, dear reader, is where cars come in. Fans have known for quite some time now, thanks to numerous teasers and leaks, that automobiles were on course to make their debut sometime during Season 3 and now, following a short delay, Epic has locked in August 5th as the date to watch out for. You can check out just one of the many cards that’ll be available when the update drops in the gallery down below.

As for technical details, data miners have discovered a number of files pertaining to the so-called JoyRide patch, including references to spawn rates. Only a maximum of 10 cars can spawn per game lobby, they say, with different models sporting varying degrees of health and fuel capacity. A new limited-time mode, Chrome Race, is also on the cards for tomorrow and will require that participants compete against each other to record the fastest lap time.

Eager to burn rubber on Apollo Island in less than 24 hours, or do you think Fortnite already has plenty of options when it comes to vehicular warfare? Let us know in the usual place below!