Fortnite Future War Set Adds Terminator And Sarah Connor Skins


The latest guest characters to arrive in Fortnite are going to feel right at home with Season 5’s overarching reality-warping story.

Having returned from his latest recruitment drive across the known (and unknown) cosmos for some of the universe’s most storied hunters, Jones has managed to enlist the help of not one, but two time traveling warriors. The T-800 android, made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the long-running Terminator movie franchise, is accompanied by the mother of his primary target, Sarah Connor. Fortunately for the latter, this version of the robot – judging by Epic Games’ reveal trailer – hails from the second film, making it a force for good and, thanks to Jones, a fortunate escapee of the molten lava pit as seen at the climax of Judgment Day.

Likewise, Sarah’s outfit is directly inspired by Linda Hamilton’s look in James Cameron’s sequel and there are a bunch of neat cosmetic items accompanying the pair to boot. Check out all the loot up for grabs in the gallery down below:

As expected, the Future War set is available exclusively via Fortnite‘s in-game item store right now for 2800 V-Bucks (approx. $29.99) and includes both aforementioned character skins as well as Endoskeleton Arm and Sky Net Uplink back blings, a Combat Knife, Techno-Grip pickaxe and, last but certainly not least, an emote.

For those who don’t consider themselves particularly big Terminator fans, previous collaborations in Season 5 so far include The Walking Dead, Halo, God of War and Predator, the latter of which is available to all Battle Pass owners after completing a series of tasks. For some helpful tips and pointers to help tick off Fortnite‘s so-called Jungle Hunter challenges, see here.