New Fortnite Leak Reveals Xenomorph And Ripley Skins


As is usually the case for anything relating to Epic Games’ massively popular Fortnite, one of the battle royale’s next big crossover events has been leaked ahead of time.

Well sort of, at least. Following on from the developer’s usual weekly update yesterday, the latest in a series of reality-warping portals opened up on Apollo Island, giving fans an initial teaser of what’s intended to step through the gateway. On the other side can a largely unremarkable corridor seemingly ripped from a futuristic spaceship be seen, though when combined with commentary by Jones, the location of his next recruits becomes immediately obvious.

That, along with data-mined audio relaying the sound of motion sensors as seen in James Cameron’s Aliens all but confirmed that the fearsome Xenomorph would soon be invading Fortnite. And thanks to fresh discoveries made by ShiinaBR today, fans have their first look at the horror icon and its most prolific hunter, Ellen Ripley.

While the latter bears little facial resemblance to actress Sigourney Weaver, likeness (the hair gives it away) and context tell us that the protagonist of all four original films is headed to the game, likely as part of a premium bundle paid for with V-Bucks. Price and availability have yet to be confirmed, though folks intending to dress up as either character can expect the cost to be similar to that of previous promotions.

Speaking of which, you still have the opportunity to pick up skins for Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li, as well as The Walking Dead‘s Michonne and Daryl. If, on the other hand, you’d rather unlock new wardrobe options via play, the Predator is still available until the conclusion of Chapter 2 Season 5 by completing a series of so-called Jungle Hunter challenges. See here for all the details.