Fortnite’s Probably Getting A Predator Crossover In Chapter 2 – Season 5

Predator: Hunting Ground

With Galactus vanquished and Apollo Island saved (for the time being, at least), Fortnite‘s native population has waved a fond farewell to Marvel’s retinue of beloved superheroes and embarked on an all-new adventure. Kicking off last week following a short period of server downtime, Season 5 picks up where Nexus War left off, with the Zero Point device, now unstable thanks to Galactus’ interference, requiring drastic action in order to restore peace to the island once more.

Why that situation would necessitate the recruitment of skilled hunters from across all reality isn’t yet known, though that’s exactly what Jones has been tasked with doing. We imagine that all will become clear as the weeks progress, but for now, the hiring process is still underway.

As you’ll no doubt be aware of, the Mandalorian is already present and accounted for, and he’s soon going to be accompanied by an incredibly angry man. Yes, Sony confirmed last week that God of War‘s Kratos will be joining the fray in an upcoming update and now, thanks to one eagle-eyed fan, another hunter has seemingly been uncovered.

Images supplied by T5G over on Twitter (seen below) show a well-hidden location in the battle royale’s new Stealthy Stronghold point of interest that overtly implies that the Predator will be making an appearance during Season 5. In addition to a downed chopper – mimicking the very same one seen in the original 1987 movie – T5G notes that a nearby door features a logo identical to that of the crosshairs painted by a Plasmacaster.

The evidence overwhelmingly supports a collaboration of some sort between Fortnite and Predator, then, though we’ll just have to wait and see how extensive it’ll be. At the very least, fans can expect a skin bearing the extraterrestrial’s likeness to show up in a future patch. Watch this space for more.